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The Christmas Bows (3 Pack)

The Christmas Bows (3 Pack)

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Christmas Alligator Clip Bows (Set of 3)

Elevate your festive spirit with our medium-sized Christmas Alligator Clip Bows. Each meticulously crafted bow captures the essence of the yuletide season: from the vibrant "Joy Full Christmas Holiday Baking Bright", that speaks of warm kitchens and heartwarming treats, to the nostalgic imagery of "All the Christmas Trees" and the cozy journey depicted in "Driving Home with Christmas Tree Red Dark". Featuring removable alligator clips, these bows add a Christmas sparkle, whether it's a formal holiday dinner or an impromptu Christmas carol gathering.

Christmas Nylon Headband Bows (Set of 3)

Welcome the holidays with a dash of sparkle for the little ones! Our Christmas Nylon Headband Bows are designed especially for babies, showcasing a delightful pinwheel design. The festive collection includes captivating themes like delightful holiday baking, a forest of Christmas trees, and a serene winter drive with a tree in tow. Fitted on a gentle nylon headband, these bows ensure a snug fit, spreading Christmas cheer, one tiny head at a time.


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